Lebanon Furniture Company is a well know name in the business of furniture in the Middle East.

 The company prides itself in being the first company that manufactures, and designs office furniture in Jordan. Lebanon Furniture Company opted to start its production in the late sixties and chose Amman for its operation. It officially started its production in 1971.

 Lebanon Furniture Company has succeeded in creating balance between an elegant design and a comfortable product. In fact our products are ergonomically designed for comfort and good support.

 The company boasts a manpower of over 100 employees with market spanning the Arab World exporting to countries like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Algeria And Egypt.

  Our mission

 Satisfying out customers' total needs and meet their expectations by providing excellence, comfort, and durability at competitive prices.

 Our Vision

 To be recognized by our customers as the first and the most flexible company in our chosen market; our design department is always in the look out for innovation, beauty and comfort of our products.

 We will partner with our customers to deliver beautiful, durable and modern products that will be sought after.

 Our ultimate vision is to open new markets for our products to be enjoyed worldwide.